Sourcing & Business Development - Identify and Research Target Executives

RelPro enables you to find companies using granular industry and firmographic filters, and quickly identify target company's CEO and executives with their contact details. Source background intelligence and web content quickly and systematically using RelPro's automated research. RelPro Alerts provide intelligence and "calls to action" on target companies, portfolio company competitors, senior executives & trade show attendees.

Discover & Leverage Relationship Connections

Identify connections to target companies and executives by leveraging the relationship of your colleagues, board or advisors.

Time-Saving Relationship Research for your First Visit

Enjoy more 'small world' moments at first meetings with management teams, and save your Analyst’s time preparing for those meetings! RelPro's automated research gets you prepared faster & more systematically by sourcing detailed relationship intelligence on a company and its management team, including interests & affiliations, that help you build a positive and informed relationship.

Plan Successful Roadtrips

Traveling to a new city and need to schedule some additional meetings? Use RelPro’s geographic search and mapping tools to quickly identify business owners and bankers in the region you are visiting. With the ability to find targeted prospects, their contact details and background information, RelPro enables an efficient and seamless travel planning process.

Accelerated Sales & Marketing for B2B Portfolio Companies

Accelerate revenue growth at your B2B Portfolio Companies by using RelPro to increase sales & marketing effectiveness. RelPro identifies new companies to target and executives to call. RelPro analytics identify ways to leverage your relationship network, and help you find new talent to strengthen the Board & Management team.

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