Find Companies, Executives and Contact Details

Law Firms know that finding up-to-date emails and direct dials on Board members & senior executives can be extremely challenging. RelPro’s powerful filters help you find companies and decision-makers faster - search by role, location, industry and company size. Accurate contact data integrated from multiple sources saves time for busy business development professionals, and can be used to cleanse and enrich your out-dated CRM data.

Accelerate Your Research of Clients & Prospect

Whether you are targeting SMBs or large companies, RelPro’s automated research covers all the Board members & executives you want to engage - including General Counsel / Chief Legal Officer, C-Suite / Partners, Legal Operations, Litigation, and General Counsel Executive Assistant, IT and Finance.

RelPro automated research integrates biographical and relevant web content on target companies and executives to save your time qualifying potential leads, and enables your interactions with clients & prospects to be more informed and productive. RelPro research surfaces common denominators and "small world" moments that can make your meeting memorable, engaging, and helps build a firm foundation for a lasting relationship.


RelPro Alerts keeps you informed and helps you stay on top of relevant information about your target companies and executives. Alerts provides timely updates on companies and people, offering a simple & effective way to highlight an opportune moment to contact a prospect or existing client, and delivering valuable & timely context to keep in mind for your next meeting.

Integrate with BoardEx Relationship Mapping; CRM Integration and Enrichment

Export prospect and client data from RelPro into your CRM, or generate CSV/PDF exports. Outdated information in your CRM is easily cleansed & enriched with RelPro's Data Services eliminating duplicates and adding intelligence with accurate contact details. Save time with better qualified prospects and identify thousands of new revenue opportunities with RelPro Data Enrichment.

RelPro partners with BoardEx to provide an efficient integrated workflow, enabling you to quickly source contact details and other relationship insights on BoardEx board members and executives - saves time and leverages your investment in BoardEx.

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