This is a post about : RelPro’s New Chrome Extension Delivers Time-Saving Integrated Company & People Intelligence while Browsing

There is no scarcer resource than time for busy sales, account management and business development professionals. That’s why our product development team constantly works to streamline the process that delivers RelPro’s relationship intelligence. Our latest addition is a Google Chrome extension which helps our clients do more research on their prospects & clients in much less time.

The RelPro Chrome extension provides on-demand intelligence about companies and people. It displays company information based on the website currently being viewed with links to the company’s decision-makers including their email addresses, direct dial and company phone numbers and the ability to receive weekly alerts. Users can also export contacts to Salesforce CRM, or open the full RelPro profile screen for more detailed intelligence.

All RelPro clients should be sure to ask their Customer Success Associate for more details. If you are not a RelPro client and would like to experience the time-saving difference that the RelPro Chrome Extension can make for you, sign up for a demo.