This is a post about : RelPro Integrates HG Insights' Technology Data Stack To Boost Tech Companies Prospecting Process And Lead Generation

RelPro provides sales and marketing intelligence on more than 100 million decision-makers at 7 million companies, gathered from best-in-class data providers, social media and the web

New York, NY- June 23, 2016: RelPro, an innovative sales and marketing intelligence software platform for smarter prospecting and B2B lead generation, announced today a partnership with HG Insights, the global leader in competitive intelligence on installed technologies. HG Insights' installed technology datasets will be fueling the RelPro Tech Search prospecting engine, which allows RelPro customers to find prospect companies by filtering on the technology they use, then quickly pivot to identify key decision-makers (based on their roles), source their contact details and access valuable intelligence analytics.

Through this partnership with HG Insights, RelPro’s Tech Search prospecting tool enables its sales, marketing and business development customers to discover incredibly accurate insights at their most valued prospective companies using installed technology data segmentation. By analyzing contact details and relationship intelligence for over 100 million decision-makers from best-in-class sources, RelPro enables users to uncover valuable, accurate, insights on decision-makers at large and mid-market companies, including C-suite executives and senior management.

“RelPro’s mission has always been to leverage data and analytics to help companies generate higher revenue through smarter prospecting and lead generation” said Martin Wise, RelPro CEO, “We are frequently asked by our customers if we can help them shorten their sales cycle. One key contributor to an accelerated sales process is accurate firmographic data which enables the right prospects to be targeted. By partnering with HG Insights, we enable our technology customers to access valuable intelligence on installed technologies which connects with RelPro’s sales and marketing intelligence analytics for efficient lead generation and increased conversion rates.”

“Bringing HG Insights' installed technology data into the RelPro prospecting and lead generation solution demonstrates our shared dedication to providing sales tools that optimize the B2B sales experience,” said Don Wynns, HG Insights VP of OEM and Channel Partners. “RelPro customers will be able to leverage the power of HG Insights' deep segmentation to precisely target prospects by installed technology and have meaningful conversations about the right solutions when they make contact.”


RelPro delivers a unique combination of smart prospecting, quality leads and targeted intelligence for sales, marketing and business development professionals. We analyze data on more than 100 million decision-makers and 10 million companies from trusted sources, social networks and the web. Through SaaS and Data Services solutions, RelPro enables organizations to find leads and generate actionable intelligence on executive-level relationships efficiently and systematically. RelPro is a trusted partner to leading companies, non-profits and
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HG Insights is the global leader in competitive intelligence for installed technologies. The world’s largest technology companies, the fastest-growing start-ups, and some of the most innovative OEM partners achieve an unfair advantage by using HG Insights in building market analysis, competitive displacement, predictive modeling, marketing campaigns, and client retention initiatives. Every day, HG Insights indexes more than one billion unstructured documents across the open Internet, the archived Web and offline resources to produce a detailed, accurate census of B2B technology installations in use at companies globally. Indexed resources include
content such as social media, case studies, press releases, blog postings, government documents, content libraries, technical support forums, website source code, and job postings. Founded in 2010, the company is based in Santa Barbara.


Martin Wise

Greta Oberschmidt, Marketing Manager
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