This is a post about : A New Chapter Begins : Relcapp is becoming RelPro

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter for our company. We have made a few changes already, and there are more to come, so please consider this a brief introduction and explanation.

We launched our firm (Relationship Capital Partners) as a customer-driven advisory and analytics business to help clients develop executive-level relationships efficiently and systematically. Our plan was that when we identified recurring issues that relationship professionals were facing, we would develop a software solution to address them.

In 2014, we launched an application, called Relationship Prospector, which has now evolved into RelPro. During 2015 the pace of innovation increased as we focused our full efforts and resources behind RelPro product development, and we are now a full-on SaaS company. We decided that Relationship Capital Partners should now come to market as RelPro.

The team driving this innovation is energized and looking forward to bringing you more developments over the next few months. We may not (yet) be the largest player in our emerging industry, but we are the only company on the planet with our specific combination of data sources and practical, proven, experience of how to make connections and develop relationships that resonate.

All of us at Team RelPro extend thanks and deep appreciation to our clients, partners and advisors for their support, feedback and counsel on the road so far …… we are excited to grow with you and with new customers in the years, and chapters, to come.